Student team wins top prize in BOT CBDC Showcase Competition 2023

Student teams wins top prize in BOT CBDC Showcase Competition


On 26 August 2023, a team of 5 students in the KMITL-NIDA Financial Engineering program has been awarded first prize from the CBDC Showcase Competition organized by the Bank of Thailand. The members of the team include:

  1. Ms. Arinchaya Arayathakul
  2. Mr. Chayapon Niyomkaew
  3. Ms. Kunyanut Sittitam
  4. Ms. Phraemas Palarat
  5. Mr. Phurin Aeksuk

The contesting teams were tasked with proposing an innovative application of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) being piloted by the Bank of Thailand. Under the slogan “CBDC for Everyone Everywhere Everytime”, the solution designed and proposed by our student team utilizes CBDC to enhance digital payment infrastructure in Thailand and is expected to make digital financial transactions more accessible, efficient, and transparent and benefit all parties involved.

This competition is part the ongoing initiative by the Bank of Thailand aiming at exploring and testing potential applications of CBDC in Thailand. Learn more about Bank of Thailand’s CBDC initiative at Central Bank Digital Currency (