FE Students Win CODE Your Future Hackathon

Congratulations to Team “We Are Hungry” on winning CODE YOUR FUTURE Hackathon: The Innovation for Food! This hackathon is organized by 42Bangkok during 20-24 August 2022. This year, the hackathon focuses on two themes:

  • The Next Generation of Mobility
  • The Innovation for Food

Team “We Are Hungry” which consists of

  • Mr. Pantakan Bunleang (FE Year 2)
  • Ms. Ployruethai Kanokwiroon (FE Year 2)
  • Mr. Thatchathon Leelawat (UCL)
  • Mr. Thatchawin Leelawat (UCL)

proposes an innovative use of blockchains to track raw materials and ingredients in the supply chain of the food industry. The team has won the 1st prize in the Innovation for Food theme.