Annual Internal Quality Assurance Meeting

As part of the program’s annual Internal Quality Assurance (IQA), the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the B.Eng. in Financial Engineering program visited the School of Engineering on 2 June 2022 and met with the program management team and some student representatives. Participating in this meeting includes

IAB Committee Members

  • Dr. Chaiwat Nuthong – Data Science Manager, BANPU Public Company Limited
  • Dr. Kaipichit Ruengsrichaiya – Assistant Manager, Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF)
  • Mr. Siripong Paisarnkongtawee – Vice President, Professional Education Department, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
  • Mr. Surachet Sriwattanakulwong – Chief Investment Officer, We Asset Management Company Limited

Program Management Team

  • Prof.Dr. Sorasart Sukcharoensin  – Dean, School of Development Economics, NIDA
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pariyada Sukcharoensin – Associate Dean, School of Development Economics, NIDA
  • Dr. Pimprapai Thainiam – Program Director, School of Engineering, KMITL
  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Isara Anantavrasilp – School of Engineering, KMITL
  • Dr. Churirat Boonkhun – School of Engineering, KMITL

Student Representatives

  • Ms. Arinchaya Arayathakul – 3rd year student
  • Mr. Krit Pungton – 2nd year student
  • Mr. Pantakan Bunleang – 1st year student

The aim of this meeting is for the IAB committee to learn about the current status, the past operations and activities, and the future development plan of the program and to provide valuable comment and suggestions for further improvements to the program management team. The IAB committee also had a chance to interview representatives of the students in the program. This activity is part of the annual Internal Quality Assurance process of the School of Engineering, which aims at continuously improving the education and the management of the programs under the School.